no sorry santorum you have to carry your dead presidential campaign to full term

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Well … yup.

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My Acoustic Covers MP3 Download Links.


I’ve had a couple people ask me for mp3 links to some of my acoustic covers, so I uploaded a few! :) You can also play/preview the song before you download.

“Adam’s Song” (Blink-182)

“Daydream Believer” (Monkees)

“Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley)

“Halo” (Beyonce Knowles)

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” (The Beatles)

My sister is mad talented. Check it.

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Barney: Let’s see, what club should we hit first? There’s club Was, there’s Wrong
Marshall: Uhm, those places shut down a long time ago…
Barney: Oh no.
Marhsall: Oh No shut down too.
Ted: There’s Where.
Jerry: Where’s Where?
Lily: Where’s where Was was, isn’t it?
Barney: No, Was wasn’t where Where was, Was was where Wrong was, right?
Jerry: Okay!
Ted: Not Okay, that place is lame.
Robin: Okay is lame? I thought Lame was a gay bar, or is that Wrong?
Marshall: That’s wrong. That’s not Wrong.
Barney: Guys, focus!
Robin: Oh, I like Focus, let’s go there!
Ted: Where?
Robin: Not WhereFocus!
Lily: I thought Focus was closed.
Barney: No, Was was closed, once Was shut down, it reopened as Closed.
Marshall: So Closed is open!
Robin: No, Closed is closed.
Jerry: I don’t know… third base, right!
Robin: Ew, Third Base is all frat guys!
Lily: I’ll go any place, okay?
Ted: Not OkayOkay is lame!
Robin: Okay is not lame, Lame is a gay bar!
Lily: Guys, shut up!
Barney: No, Shut Up shut down. I can’t believe I don’t know the clubs anymore.
Marshall: Guys, just pick a club, okay?
Ted: Not Okay!!
Everyone: Okay is lame, gay bar!
Marshall: For the record, I was in there once by accident, I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Lamé.
Barney: It’s hopeless, isn’t it?

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I think I’m starting to hoard them so that the show will never really be gone from my life. 

What will I do without Tim Riggins??????

Also, what a testament to the show that all the Panther Pride we all had at the beginning now has unequivocally turned to LION Pride without blinking an eye. Tis the power of the almighty and sexy Coach. 

Mmmm … Coach. Riggins. I need a sandwich.

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Got myself a shiny new digital camera. I won’t drop this one at Disneyland. I won’t spill beer on this one. 

But if I do, at least I bought the replacement insurance. Hey-oh!

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I just found out there’s a Pita Pit in Newport Beach.


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108 LOST characters; pixel art by olfuzzybastard.

ROW ONE:  Jack / Locke / Kate / Sawyer / Hurley / Sayid / Jin / Sun / Ben / Juliet / Charlie / Claire w.Aaron

ROW TWO:  Richard / Desmond / Penny / Michael / Vincent / Walt / Boone / Shannon / Faraday / Charlotte / Miles / Frank

ROW THREE:  Ana Lucia / Eko / Libby / Ilana / Bram / Nathan / Arzt / Nikki / Paolo / Frogurt / Rousseau / Pilot / Officer Mars

ROW FOUR:  Charles Widmore / Eloise Hawking / Tom Friendly / Ethan / Goodwin / Mikhail / Cindy / Emma / Zack / Alex / Karl / Ms. Klugh / Pickett / Colleen

ROW FIVE:  Matthew Abadon / Naomi / Keamy / Omar / Captain Gault / Minkowski / Regina / Dogan / Lennon / Zoe / Seamus / Montand

ROW SIX:  Dr. Chang / Horace / Phil / Razinsky / Roger Linus / Young Ben / Amy / Oldham / Kelvin / Annie / Leonard / “Dave”

ROW SEVEN:  Christian Shephard / Sarah Shephard / David Shephard / Achara / Aaron / Kate’s Mother / Kate’s Step-Father / Claire’s Mother / Nadia / Cassidy / Liam / Anthony Cooper

ROW EIGHT:  Mr. Paik / Mrs. Paik w.Ji Yeon / Jai Lee / Hurley’s Mother / Hurley’s Father / Randy Nations / Yemi / Isabella / Helen / Susan Lloyd / Richard Malkin / Billy Dee Willaims as Himself  :)

ROW NINE:  Jacob / The Man In Black / Mother / Young Jacob / The Smoke Monster.

Also, check out this photo of me that was taken one day before the one year anniversary of the finale. It bears a striking resemblance to one of the final scenes of the show. Eerie!


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